The purpose of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) is to perpetuate the memory and to recognize the valor of those personnel who served in the 281st AHC. In particular, to memorialize those missing in action (MIA), those killed in action (KIA), and those who served honorably in the unit. To this end, the 281st AHC Scholarship Fund annually awards scholarship grants in memory of these individals.

Jack Mayhew, co-founder of Human Resources inc., served in the 281st AHC. Each year, HRi donates towards this scholarship fund. This year, Jack Mayhew made these remarks about the success of the program:

"Thanks to contributors like you we saw another great year for the scholarship program. The Board of Directors voted to extend scholarship support for the three continuing students, one of which is in her final year of Pharmacy School. All of the on-going students are honor students. The board also awarded Scholarship support to three new students who started college this fall. We ahve been able to continue this program with your support and that of our outside supporter, Human Resources inc. On behalf of the students we thank each of you."

Today we held our 2nd Annual Flu Shot Clinic! Each year we are getting bigger and better - today we were able to accept payment by cash and credit card AND Wegmans Pharmacy was able to bill our participants' insurance directly! If you weren't able to make it this year, be on the look out for next year's clinic!

Special thank you to Erin Laughlin, your friendly, local Wegmans pharmacist and to all our participants! We hope to see you again next year!

The Executive Director of one of our non-profit clients made the decision to join HRi in 2012 and has not regretted it since!

Chris Rutzebeck, our Benefits Consultant and Michael Leaf, our Business Development Manager, visited their office last week to answer questions the staff had about their benefits. The Executive Director recently sent in this note regarding their visit:

"...I really appreciate you both coming out to our office last Wednesday. I know the staff really appreciated the insight into their benefits questions. G was especially appreciative of Chris spending extra time with us to help lay the groundwork for her Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Again, thank you both for the great customer service! HRi is one of my best decisions so far as Executive Director!"

HRi recently donated items for gift bags in support of the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County (TAAAC) "Celebrate Educators" event at Sandy Point State Park on Friday, August 22nd.

Richard K. Benfer, TAAAC President, says "400 or more TAAAC members kicked off the new school year. It seems that everyone enjoyed the outdoors, food, refreshments, prizes, games, and weater for the better part of the day. Some rain arrived as predicted, but it was gracious enough to hold off until the cleaning up was nearly done. Most of all, it was a truly effective way for all of us to get reacquainted before the pressures of the school year chews up the time and energy to socialize with like-minded friends and colleagues."

The main purposes for this picnic were to thank our county educators for their efforts throughout the year to educate county students and to provide our educators a positive start to the new 2014-2015 school year.

The TAAAC is an advocacy organization which exists to further the professional concerns, economic interest, human and civil rights of its members, and to promote equitable, quality education in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Julie Kramer is HRi's Risk Manager. She needs no other introduction; SC's kind words say it all.

"Last October I had rotator cuff surgery related to an incorrectly given mandatory flu shot at work. I had to go through workmen's comp and from the first minute it was traumatic and agonizing. The adjustor that was assigned to my case was rude, nasty, uncaring, unresponsive and did everything in her power to thwart covering my surgery and treatment. I went weeks trying to deal with this person and she would repeatedly hang up on me, and after awhile she just wouldn't respond to emails or phone messages. And not just mine. My orthopedics office had multiple issues with her and my physical therapist said she had never had to deal with anyone quite like my adjustor.

From the beginning, Julie spent so much time on the phone with me, just talking and reassuring me that things would be OK. She became the mediator between the adjustor and myself since I was still getting no response, nor was my doctor. Each and every issue workmen's comp threw my way, Julie was there to figure it out and support me.

I have told her repeatedly how appreciative I am of all of her help over the past 9 months, and especially her kind, caring demeanor. She is the epitome of what someone in her profession should be like. I just wanted to let "the powers that be" be aware of what a gem you have in her as an employee. She is the absolute best! "