Julie Kramer is HRi's Risk Manager. She needs no other introduction; SC's kind words say it all.

"Last October I had rotator cuff surgery related to an incorrectly given mandatory flu shot at work. I had to go through workmen's comp and from the first minute it was traumatic and agonizing. The adjustor that was assigned to my case was rude, nasty, uncaring, unresponsive and did everything in her power to thwart covering my surgery and treatment. I went weeks trying to deal with this person and she would repeatedly hang up on me, and after awhile she just wouldn't respond to emails or phone messages. And not just mine. My orthopedics office had multiple issues with her and my physical therapist said she had never had to deal with anyone quite like my adjustor.

From the beginning, Julie spent so much time on the phone with me, just talking and reassuring me that things would be OK. She became the mediator between the adjustor and myself since I was still getting no response, nor was my doctor. Each and every issue workmen's comp threw my way, Julie was there to figure it out and support me.

I have told her repeatedly how appreciative I am of all of her help over the past 9 months, and especially her kind, caring demeanor. She is the epitome of what someone in her profession should be like. I just wanted to let "the powers that be" be aware of what a gem you have in her as an employee. She is the absolute best! "