Unfortunately, there are times when we need to help our clients with difficult decisions. We strive to help walk them through the termination process so that both parties are able to leave with their dignity intact.

Michael Lanham, our HR & Client Services Manager, Jena Judd, our HR Business Partner, and Michele Ingle, our Client Services Specialist worked together to assist an HRi client through a tough situation. The President of the company had this to say about his experience with HRi:

"....Sadly, we have found ourselves in the position where we needed to terminate two individuals. Since I am a bit of a novice in this arena, I reached out to HRi and found my way to Mike Lanham. Well, Mike provided me with great counseling and advice in dealing with this situation over the course of several phone calls.

Both of our folks have signed their respective separation agreements and we seem to be moving forward in a solid, positive light. Along with Mike, both Jena and Michele also fielded questions from me and were most helpful. [I] Have not had a huge need for HRi extracurricular services in some time but when I did they shone!

Thanks to your folks for a very big assist during a tough period."