A sound risk management program and a safety-focused culture can help maximize your productivity by keeping employees safe, healthy and on the job – translating to less lost work time.

HRi can work closely with you to minimize your hazardous exposures, reduce employee injuries and help you implement or enhance a safety-focused culture in your workplace. We can help you to reduce the number of accidents in your workplace which results in a significant amount of decreased direct and indirect expenses associated with worker's compensation claims.

How Can We Help You?

  • Identify Exposures that Can Lead to Injury
  • Manage All Worker's Compensation Claims, Audits & Reports
  • Provide Guidance on the Creation of a Safety Committee
  • Provide Guidance on Creating & Implementing Safety Programs
  • Provide Training for Management Personnel
  • Review Existing Safety Programs & Provide Assistance and Recommendations for Improvement

ROI Considerations of Using an Automated Time and Attendance Tracking System

It's a given that for most businesses, payroll absorbs as much as 50% of their total budget. However, there is compelling evidence to show that overall payroll costs can be reduced by increasing productivity through streamlining the payroll process with an automated solution for time and attendance tracking.

The fact is that manual time and attendance tracking, coupled with weak timesheet controls and compounded by human error, results in hidden costs that can add up quickly. This is particularly true when companies are spread across multiple sites, or have a mix of employees ranging from remote and on-premise, exempt and non-exempt, or have multiple clients and projects. With such complex workforce attributes, it is not surprising that managers may be unable to properly optimize scheduling and allocation due to lack of insight into their workforce, which in turn affects overall productivity.

We offer an integrated, single sign-on cloud-based solution for time and labor management that can address those problems and increase productivity. We've partnered with Synel Americas to offer mobile punch apps, biometrics, PTO management, as well as, standard web punching to satisfy any need your organization might need filled.  Click here to view an estimate of how using our solution can save lost time, money and increase overall organizational productivity.